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About The Book and Author

I am a computer science graduate, working for many years in computers.

For many years I also have been studying about health and nutrition in many ways – in health school, from lectures, books, videos and anyway possible.


I have seen what natural food does to people. How it clears diseases, even cancers and other “chronic” diseases. How it makes people happy and full of power and clarity. How it is the only thing that makes sense in every possible way – it is the food that was made for us by our maker, it has always been there and always worked, it is even cheaper and better for the environment. The book explains in details, what the natural food is and even how to start eating more naturally.


I believe we are responsible to teach our kids and ourselves what is the best food for us especially when we are surrounded with processed food everywhere we go and are bombed with adverts for this unhealthy food, sometimes even masquerading as health food..


Life can be a lot of fun and eating clean natural food can help a lot in this, try it for a few days and see for yourself! The world can look different when you are full of power and feel strong and light, sharp and clear minded, the body clears diseases and symptoms. It is the best!


I always thought I was eating healthy, but the day I started eating a natural diet a “background noise” that had accompanied me for years stopped. From that day forward I have felt better in my body, and I have more strength and joy every day. I am thankful for this discovery and so I’m Made of Bananas was created to share this.


The book is intended to help us reconnect to our origins and remember what the natural food is and how fun and good it feels to eat natural food!


Happy reading,





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