I’m Made Of Bananas

Healthy eating for kids and grown-ups !

Written by: Hilla Starovisky

A unique and important children’s book about nutrition and health! Is beautifully illustrated and designed.

I’m Made of Bananas is a children’s book that deals with a variety of topics related to eating and food:

  • What is my body made of? 

  • What food was made for me by nature?

  • The natural food groups: Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, legumes.

  • How food is prepared

  • What is added to our food (food additives).

  • Understanding ingredient lists.

  • What is folk medicine?

  • Listening to your body

  • Why do I eat - recognizing emotional eating

  • Loving and taking care of yourself

  • Healthy eating tips and more !

The book is suitable for all types of diets including vegan, The book focuses on plant based food.

For most children it is best read from the age of 5, but many enjoy it from the age of 3. The fruits and vegetable pages are good for infants as well. The book is also for adults, it is just written in a way kids can understand as well :-)


"This is one of the cutest and most beautiful books I've seen in recent years ... fascinating, with a great approach, I read it now to all my grandchildren ... It's a book with added value ... I love the book and I recommend it."

Michal Daliyot, childcare advisor, quoted from her radio show


"Simply charming and interesting, and the structure allow jumping from subject to subject ... When we finished reading my little one said: I want broccoli because it has Omega-3 which is good for my brain … What more can you ask for?"

A letter from a happy mom


"The kids really enjoyed to read and even asked (!) to taste some vegetables they have never agreed to touch before ... All my children—from the youngest at three to the oldest of ten liked the book…"

"Moms and Dads," a web site for parents


"If we had access to this book when we were children, we would have understood very early what motivates our emotional eating (and perhaps, who knows, we would not even have had it)?"

"Marmelada," a lifestyle web site


“Must be in every home!”

Orly vilnayi, quoted from her morning TV show


Some sample pages from the book:


I'm made of bananas

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